Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ninth Annual Nature Photography Day

On Sunday, June 15 join NANPA and me celebrating the Ninth Annual Nature Photography Day.  Pick an area, a backyard, Park or another place that you like and go out and photograph the beauty around us.

NANPA will be supporting Nature Photography Day by hosting a Facebook event page for your nature photos taken on June 15. Just get out there and take some photos, and then upload your best shot to the Nature Photography Day page .   One photo per person, please.
You will need to have a Facebook account and you must "Attend" the Nature Photography Day Event Facebook will accept photos up to 2048 pixels (on the long side), but these photos are downsized to 720 pixels for presentation with a link to the high-resolution version. So, unless you intend to make your high-resolution image available for public download, NANPA recommends you size your photo to 720 pixels on the long side before uploading.
This is not a contest, and no fee is charged for submission. Photos must be taken on June 15, 2014, within walking (or biking) distance of wherever you are. The time frame for uploads is June 15 through June 21.