Friday, June 13, 2014


Last evening, as I was sitting out on my back porch reading a good book and enjoying a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, I looked up and watched the wind gently blow.  When the trees and power was overcast, the clouds was slowly moving by, birds were saying in the trees and approve no matter what the weather.  The world is always enjoyable.

Remember Sunday, besides being Father's Day is the annual nature photography day.  Go out take pictures and post one on the Facebook site at NANPA created.

Last Saturday in the Boston Globe there was a recent editorial by Larry Harmon entitled Move over, plover; the beach is for people   This editorial decried blocking off portions of the beach, so that the piping plovers could nest and raise their young.  His feeling is the beach belong to people.  Many people have emailed Mr. Harmon protesting his words.  In fact, Devin Griffiths wrote an excellent blog I encourage you to read.  I have been down to Nickerson beach on Long Island, which has more people than Revere beach, where the nesting birds, and the people exist in harmony.  Please make your voices heard in opposition to this very biased editorial and to it, respectfully.

Speaking of shorebirds, remember on June 21, I will be leading a workshop on photographing shorebirds and there are still spaces available.  You can preview the program and sign up at ...