Sunday, November 30, 2014

More from Costa Rica

Continuing the trip to Costa Rica, the one thing I did not mention previously is that November is the change from the wet season to the dry season.  While we were on the Pacific coast, we had daily everything from a drizzle to a heavy downpour and thunderstorms.  It didn't matter, the humidity was high and we were damp anyway and the cameras were protected by raincoats.

Before breakfast, we went out and photographed the sun rising over the mountains and illuminating the mist in the Carara National Park.  Then followed up with some bird photography.
Mist illuminated by the sun in black and white

Scarlet macaw eating teak nuts

Scarlet macaw

After breakfast, we traveled down to the "Crocodile Bridge" which crosses the Tarcoles River where you can see many crocodiles below you.  It is a favorite tourist spot.  The majority of crocodiles would just sunning themselves either in the water or on the shore.  A great egret landed near a crocodile and started exploring looking for food to capture, and the crocodile slowly started to follow it in the water, hoping for a meal.  The great egret was smarter and return to the shore away from the hungry crock.  An interesting site was a butterfly flitting around the head of a crocodile and landing on its nose.
Looking down at crocodiles from the crocodile Bridge

crocodile following a great egret

butterfly on the nose of a crocodile

crocodile climbing out of the water

Returning to the Lodge, prior to lunch and afterwards we continued to photograph the birds in the area, including a Pacific screech owl.
Melodious blackbird

cinnamon Hummingbird

Pacific screech owl

Montezuma oropendola

red-legged honeycreeper

Hoffman's woodpecker

Rufus-napped Wren

bluegray Tanager

The afternoon was taken up with another trip down the Tarcoles River on the crocodile boat.  What made this trip different is the majority of the trip was in a heavy downpour and thunderstorm.  As I stated above, even with raincoats on us, we got wet but the camera and lenses raincoats kept them dry.
Green heron

three's Black neck stilts in a row in the pouring rain

Willet in the rain



mist rising from the forest. After the heavy rain

After supper, walking back to my room, I noticed fireflies blinking on the path, so I composed a composite picture, plus a video of the fireflies.

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