Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LightRoom CC

I just downloaded LightRoom CC and that easily updated my catalog.  For my first utilization of this new induration of LightRoom, I went back into my files from Banff and found a five image panorama of Herbert Lake prior to sunrise.  Because merging into a panorama in LightRoom is nondestructive, I reset my files to their original state, just keeping lens correction and camera calibration.  I highlighted the five pictures and in the photo menu > photomerge > panorama.

Here are the steps that I employ to get to the final image of Herbert Lake, which is shown above.
Step one:
Highlighted the Five Images
Step two:
Creating the Panorama in Light Room
Step three:
Panorama before Light Room Develop Module Utilized
Step four:
Panorama after Light from Develop Module Utilized
Step five:
Using Graduated Filter to Darken the Sky
Step six:
Another New Item in Light Room CC-a Brush to Remove (Press ALT Key) or Add to Selective Areas.
I Removed the Graduated Filter Effect from the Mountains and Trees
Step seven:
Next, I exported the panorama to Photoshop and ran the new sharpening affect that I had written about in an earlier blog: to get the final image of Herbert Lake, which is at the top of this blog.

I hope this blog has been useful for you.  There are many other new items in LightRoom 6/CC that increase the usefulness LightRoom

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