Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Start of the Adventure

The Group
On July 24, after the group arrived and settled in at the motel, we met for introductions and outline the plan for the day.  Because we were going over to Campobello Island, we made sure that all the participants had their passport.  Campobello Island is part of New Brunswick and also is on Atlantic time, which is one hour later than Eastern daylight Time.  Our first stop was Eagle Hill Bog, where we took a group photo and then led the group in to photograph some of the amazing subjects in the peat bog.  John and I offered instructions and also pointed out a number of the interesting subjects.

Black Spruce
Picture Plant Viewed from above
John Offering Instruction to the Group
After we finished photographing in the bog, we went to supper and after supper.  Went down to photograph Mulholland light at sunset.  However, nature was against us, and we had thick clouds but we still were able to photograph the lighthouse and also Lubec across the channel.

Mulholland Light
The next morning was a trip out to Machias Seal Island to photograph the puffins and all the other creatures that are there.  We left from Cutler harbor with the Bold Coast Puffin Tour under the leadership of Capt. Andy.  Leaving Cutler harbor, we passed by the Little River Light.  We had an overcast day with Northeast winds.  Arriving at Machias, we were met by the Canadian naturalist and the lighthouse keeper who took us up to the patio area where we signed in and were explained all the rules.  We were then split up into groups of four and taken to different blinds, where we spent over an hour photographing puffins, razorbills and common murres.  After we finished photographing in the blinds.  We had a chance to photograph Arctic terns that were flying all around.  It is nice to see that the Arctic Tern colony again is increasing in numbers, and that they are nesting on this island.  For a period of years there were hardly any Arctic terns.  When in the past.  There were many terns nesting.

Cutler Harbor
Ferring out to the Boat from the Dock
Little River Light
Northern Gannet
Atlantic Puffin
The Blinds
Arctic Tern
Atlantic Puffin
Leaving Machias Seal Island
Leaving Machias Seal Island, made people sad because of the amazing experience.  We then motored over to Gull Rock, where we photographed both harbor and gray seals.  Finally, arriving back at Cutler we returned to the motel where some people went to eat and others rested until later in the afternoon when we went into Lubec for supper.

Harbor Seal
Gray Seal
Bald Eagle Flying over the Motel
After supper, we went back over to Campobello Island and traveled up to East Quoddy Light Station to photograph the sunset.
East Quoddy Light Station
John Offering Instruction
Returning back to the motel, everybody went to get a and good night sleep since we were going to have to leave at 4 AM the next morning in order to capture the sunrise.  Stay tuned.

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