Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last Day and the Ride Home

The morning of the last day.  The plan was to go back down to West Quoddy light and photograph it again.  However, the weather did not cooperate in that we had heavy rain and a severe thunderstorm.  Instead part of the group went to breakfast, and others, decided to travel home early.  After breakfast, a number of the people who'd stayed decided to go with John back down to West Quoddy to photograph.

At that point I decided to pack up and hit the trail for home.  I am already looking forward to next year's trip.  I am thinking that we may need to rename the trip Downeast Maine along the Bold Coast and Campobello Island.

I needed a photo of the Bold Coast sign so I stopped along the side of the road to photograph one and to my surprise on my right was a small waterfall.  Had to take a picture of it.

The Small Waterfall
I then travel down to the Schoodic Peninsula portion of the Acadia National Park and did some photography of the Peninsula.  Schoodic Point is very interesting in terms of geology.  It is made up of Schoodic Point Granite with Diabase Dikes running through it, plus Glacial Erratics on the top of the granite.  Diabase dikes are made of softer material that erodes faster allowing water and soil to collect in these areas.  At the tip of the point small waves were crashing against the rocks.  While I was there fog came in again, and they sailboat went by in the fog blowing its fog horn.  Along the side of the road were a lot of plants, including low bush blueberries.  There are many areas in which to stop and photograph the scenery.  In fact, my plan next year is to stop on the way up and spend more time photographing along this lovely portion of the coast.

Winter Harbor Light
Schoodic Peninsula
Schoodic Point
The Geology of Schoodic Point
Waves Crashing on the Rocks
Sailboat in the Fog
A Photographer Photographing the Scenes
Red Berries
Lowbush Blueberries
My ride home was great until Boston, what should of been of 40 minute drive turned into over two hours due to traffic congestion and accidents along the road.  I did make it home safely without any other further problems.

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