Saturday, September 26, 2015

Macaws And Hummingbirds

Great Green Macaw
After breakfast, we said goodbye to the Selva Verde Lodge, and started our travels to the northern central volcanic mountain range in the cloud forest, where Bosque de Paz will be our home for the rest of our trip.

Prior to arriving at Bosque de Paz, we stopped at a special location to photograph wild scarlet and great green macaws.  The location has maintained habitat plus setting up nesting boxes to help save and propagate these great birds.  The location is also a rescue unit for injured or rescued birds.  Besides seeing the macaws in the trees and flying all around us, we also did flight photography of these birds.  Although these birds are wild, because they are fed in the area they are not afraid of humans and they will fly down and sit on the railings even right beside you and beg for food.  I got pinched by one macaw begging for food.  Besides the macaws.  There are two other species of parrots around the property, Crimson-fronted parakeet and yellow-naped parrot.

Great Green Macaw Eating Flowers
Scarlet and Hybrid Macaws in Flight
Yellow-Naped Parrot and Crimson-Fronted Parakeet
After a delicious lunch, we traveled up the mountain to Bosque de Paz, where after settling in our rooms Greg and José set up some flowers so we could photograph some of the hummingbirds that are around the eco-Lodge.
Green Hermit
Green-Crowned Brilliant and White-Bellied Mountain Gem
American Dipper
Before supper, Greg presented and informative lecture on the utilization of flash, then onto a great supper and finally in the room downloading pictures and crashing.  Looking forward to another great day.

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