Thursday, October 22, 2015

Leaf Peeping, the Kancamagus and Franconia Notch

Foliage against the Dark Sky
I have done a little research online on the New Hampshire tourist page and it seems that the foliage is still decent.  Despite being after Columbus Day.  So yesterday morning, the kids and I left our house at 4 AM so that we could be able to photograph the sunrise on the Kancamagus highway.  We have made it with time to spare, and the colors were gorgeous prior to to the sunrise.

Sunrise on the Kancamagus
Because of the thickness of the clouds once the sun rose, the sky had dark clouds and when you photographed so the foreground was exposed right, the sky was blown out.  To compensate for this, I took two photographs.  One to correctly exposed for the sky and the other ducks correctly exposing for the foreground.  In Lightroom I utilized the photo merge-HDR key and created a DNG image and then I adjusted the image to my taste.
There Is Even Color on the Ground
Color from an Overlook
At the very highest levels on the Kancamagus the the color peak of the leaves had passed, however, at the lower levels they were at peak or even just coming into peak.  We traveled the Kancamagus at stopped at scenic areas and at the number of waterfalls to photograph the beauty of the area.
Rocky Gorge
Sabbaday Falls
Sabbaday Falls
Falls Pond
Swift River Lower Falls
After we photographed the Albany covered bridge, the plan originally was to travel to Jackson New Hampshire and photograph the covered bridge and waterfall in that area.
Albany Covered Bridge
Looking up the Swift River from inside the Albany Covered Bridge
The Kids Photographing the Swift River
 But, Conway stopped us.  Why!  The traffic was backed up due to construction and was moving extremely slow.  We turned around and went back to the Kancamagus and went partly onto the Bear Notch Road, where we stopped.  Had lunch did some more photography, including zooms of the birches and foliage.
Foliage and Birch Zoom Blur
We traveled back down to the Kancamagus and returned back to I 93 and traveled up and to Franconia Notch State Park.  We were not able to visit the flume since the road was closed due to being repaired.  We stopped at the Basin and photographed in the area.

The Basin
Pemigewasset River
The Basin Viewed from the Handicap Area
Pemigewasset River Flowing down to the Basin
Sunburst Through the Foliage
There was still some good color.  Finishing up.  We then turned our attention back to home and as we were coming down.  I 93.  The lower we got New Hampshire, the better the color.  If you have an been up to photograph oft he foliage you still have a chance to do it.

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