Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Birding the Lower Cape

Yesterday, my friend Doug and I went to bird the lower Cape.  The day was bright but cloudy with minimal wind to start off with.  We started off at Scuesset beach in Wareham where we had a number of the sea ducks feeding right at the shoreline.  There were white winged scoter's, writers, a common loon, and a female long-tail duck.  There also was a few horned larks feeding in the wrack line.  Although, the beach was clean just recently because of the weather, tides and storms.  There was a lot of garbage on the beach, including many lobster buoys

After leaving Scuesset beach.  We traveled to the Peterson farm in Falmouth.  This is a conservation site and has been noted for recently in the birding world for a tropical Kingbird, and cattle egrets.  The cattle egrets are still there feeding among the sheep.  The Kingbird, however, is not there, but we did see an orange-crowd warbler. They weremany other passarines present.

We went next to the Marston Mills pond, where in the distance, and needing to use the spotting scope.  There were many species of ducks present.  We were able to observe un-America wigeon pair mating.

We finished the day near home at the Ocean Spray headquarter complex and Middleborough where there were more species of duck observed across the lake.