Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day One and Two of my Log of the Searcher Natural History Tour Around the Baja by Boat - January 23-24, 2011

After being up in Boston for 2 days at the hotel due to the snowstorm, I was able to take off early Saturday morning for San Diego. After arriving and settling in, I called my friend Mike Goldhammer and set up to go out on a photo shoot Sunday morning.

Sunday morning January 23, I was picked up at 6:45 AM and we went to the cliffs at La Jolla and spent around an hour and 15 min. photographing the beautiful Brown California Pelicans in their beautiful breeding plumage coming in to land.

California brown pelican

Brown Pelican Landing

We then went to Santee Lakes and photograph the many ducks that were there, including wood ducks, and also the coots.

American Coots

American Coot c/u head

Northern Shoveler

Wood Duck

Wood Duck

At 8 PM,. I was aboard the Searcher awaiting the orientation. After very informative orientation we left San Diego harbor on a way to Ensenada harbor.

Arriving At Ensenada. the next morning January 24 , we passed through Mexican customs and immigration, and then traveled to Islas Todo Santos they we observed nesting seabirds, elephant and harbor seals, crabs and in numerous birds including Western Gauls, Brown pelicans, comerants and a Peregrine falcon. We also saw long-beaked common dolphins. we continue down toward Islas San Benito. Along the way we saw and identified Fin Whales, Long Beaked Common Dolphins, Short Beaked Common Dolphins and Cassin's Auklets.

Long-beaked Common Dolphins

Gray Whale

Harbor Seal

Long-beaked Common Dolphin

Risso's Dolphin -Grampus

Short-beaked Common Dolphin

Short-beaked Common Dolphin