Saturday, February 5, 2011

Return from Baja

I arrived home early yesterday morning from the Baja whale watching tour. This was an extraordinary adventure. Not only did we see 19 out of the 21 marine mammals that are around the Baja but got to see a large number of birds also. This was a 12 day trip aboard the Searcher, which is a 95 foot boat with a crew of five and two chefs. There were 23 passengers, one esteemed guest and two naturalists.

I am leaving for a photo shoot in the Texas Rio Grande Valley tomorrow, so I will not post the daily trip report from the Baja until I return. However, here are a few photographs of the trip just to whet your anticipation.

Bryde's Whale
This is a very unusual event, they are not suppose to breach and leaders on the trip have never seen this in over 30+ years

Elephants Seal Bull offering a challenge to the Beach master

Long-beaked Common Dolphin

A spectacular Sunset over the Pacific Ocean
So More To Come