Monday, March 7, 2011

Victoria British Columbia

Well, I finally made it yesterday to Victoria after an extremely long and partly upsetting day. Right now I am sitting in my room at the Days Inn on the Harbour, looking out the window at a lovely scene, which I will try to photograph after I finish this blog.

Started out yesterday at Logan Airport in Boston, where we were loaded on our plane with out difficulty, then the wait began, Problem with the communications on the plane, spent a long time trying to fix, finally they just replaced the unit, if they had done so in the first place none of what followed would have happened.  In Boston, because of the delay, they gave re another booking to get to Victoria.Long flight into San Francisco, where everything was slowed down.  It was announced when we landed that everyone would make their flight, BUT we were delayed on the tarmac due to no gate being available. So. I missed my flight.  I went to Customer Service,  where I was told that my bags would not not get on the Air Canada Flight, but the lady re-booked me onto a United Flight so my bags would be there.

Arrived into Vancouver, where before going through Immigration and Customs, we needed to pick up our bags.  Behold my bag was not there.  The United baggage service man, searched in the computer and behold the bag was still in San Francisco. 

At the airport in Victoria, the Air Canada Gentleman put out a tracer and told me hopefully the bags would arrive by today, I hope so  my tripod and heavier gear needed to do my photography are in the bag along with my heavier clothing

Will keep you informed