Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dragonflies and Damselflies

It is now the hot days of summer and I have returned to my fun photography, that is photographing dragonflies and damselflies. For the past few days I've woken up early in the morning and with my trusty 105 macro lens gone out to observe the Odonata. I traveled down to the edge of the lakes, put on my knee boots and look for the various species. I want to get to them before he gets too warm and they get more active otherwise sometimes they get very nervous and will fly at the slightest motion.
Today I even tried to photograph one of the larger species of dragonflies flying over Rico Lake. In order to accomplish this I utilized my 70-200 mm lens and my bird in flight technique. I watched how the dragonflies were flying and noticed that they were following closely to a similar path most of the time. So I pre-focused and then would panning followed and took the pictures. As you can see from the picture I did capture the dragonfly in flight however, it is not the best or sharpest picture. Oh well it'll take more work to try to accomplish this task.

For those  of you who are interested in dragonfly photography I recommend a free e-book from photo naturalist which was written by Vic Beraedi. In the book he gives good references to the literature that help you identify which species that the damselflies or dragonfly belong to. For those of you who live in Massachusetts, the state fishing game service has a publication A Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Massachusetts 2nd Edition (2007) by Blair Nikula, Jennifer Loose, and Matthew Burne available-for-sale. If you go to <> you can download an order sheet to mail away for this publication.
Here are some of my photographs from the last few days.Autumn Meadowhak D7K_0483 NIKON D7000 July 21, 2011Autumn MeadowhawkBlue Dasher D7K_0356 NIKON D7000 July 20, 2011Blue DasherBlue Dasher D7K_0359 NIKON D7000 July 20, 2011Blue dasher
Female Blue DasherBlue Dasher femaleD7K_0352 NIKON D7000 July 20, 2011Bluet Mating _DSC6071Macro-Damsel-Dragon-Flowers-Butterfly-scenic-Edit NIKON D300 June 16, 2010Bluet Matingbo Violet Dancer female sumac D7K_0244 NIKON D7000 July 19, 2011Violet Bluet _DSC6097Macro-Damsel-Dragon-Flowers-Butterfly-scenic NIKON D300 June 16, 2010Dancerbo Violet Dancer male D7K_0251 NIKON D7000 July 19, 2011bo Violet Dancer male D7K_0257 NIKON D7000 July 19, 2011Common or Eastern Pond Hawk D7K_0128 NIKON D7000 July 18, 2011Common or Eastern PondhawkCommon or Eastern Pond Hawk D7K_0134 NIKON D7000 July 18, 2011Common Pondhawk D7K_0119 NIKON D7000 July 18, 2011Dragonfly flight D7K_0305 NIKON D7000 July 20, 2011Dragonfly flightFragile Forktail D7K_0078 NIKON D7000 July 18, 2011

Fragile Forktail
Stream Bkuet D7K_0396 NIKON D7000 July 21, 2011Stream Bluetta Violet Dancer female on Sumac D7K_0244 NIKON D7000 July 19, 2011Violet Dance femaleViolet Dancer female _DSC6032Macro-Damsel-Dragon-Flowers-Butterfly-scenic NIKON D300 June 16, 2010Violet Dancer female D7K_0144-Edit NIKON D7000 July 18, 2011Violet Dancer female sumac D7K_0244 NIKON D7000 July 19, 2011on SumacWandering Glider _D3S1298-Edit NIKON D3S October 02, 2010Wandering Gliderwidow skimmer female D7K_0332 NIKON D7000 July 20, 2011Female widow Skimmer
Here is a slide video of a Bluet laying an egg