Friday, September 9, 2011

Alaska-Lake Clark National Park continued

After yesterday's windy and stormy day, Saturday arrived with a nice sunrise here at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge. I went out again and captured the sunrisef Sunrise_HDR_ROT3486  NIKON D3S September 03, 2011Sunrise_ROT3463_HDR September 03 ,2011 and other photographers photographing it.Morning photogaphers _ROT3503 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
I also created a panoramic of the sunrise. untitled Pano Sunrise_ROT3483 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
After breakfast, we traveled to Johnson River to see if we could find any bears there. No there were not any bears which was very unusual, however, found a nice Bald Eagle and some scenics untitled Bald Eagle_2_MSB_0954 September 03, 2011 NIKON D300Suntitled Johnson RiverMSB_0965 September 03, 2011 NIKON D300Sto photograph.

untitled Resting_ROT3521 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S

untitled I Caught a Fish_ROT3529 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
"I caught a fish"

untitled Nothing Like Fresh Salmon_ROT3590 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
"Nothing like fresh salmon"

untitled Running with Fish_ROT3618 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
looking for more fish but would not drop the one it had
untitled Bear Fight_ROT3812 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
Bear Fight
We came back to the mouth of the Silver Salmon Creek where we again photographed the bears in various activities.Bear with fish_ROT3631  NIKON D3S September 03, 2011_Bear in Water ROT4056  NIKON D3S September 03, 2011
Here is a group of photographers photographing the bears.untitled Photographers_MSB_1116 September 03, 2011 NIKON D300S
I have taken a picture of a gull which while I was out doing the photography thought it was a Herring gull. On processing the picture, the gull turned out to have a completely black bill and no black on the tail feathers or the wings. After looking at my bird guides I believe this was a glaucous-winged gull, untitled Glaucous-winged Gull w Mouth Open_MSB_1172 September 03, 2011 NIKON D300Swhich I caught with his mouth wide open.
untitled Sow and Cub_ROT4251 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
Sow with yearling cub
We finished up the day further inland on the Creek and obtain photographs of a bear in the grass and a different Sow Bear and its yearling cub.untitled Resting in Grass MSB_0992 September 03, 2011 NIKON D300Suntitled Bear Sitting in Grass mouth Open_ROT4185 September 03, 2011 NIKON D3S
Tomorrow, we will be flying out to return to Anchorage and our flights home, but if the weather is nice, will get up early and photograph the sunrise.