Friday, September 9, 2011

Thoughts about Silver Salmon Creek Lodge and Greg Downing’s Photo Workshop

Today's blog will not show any bear pictures, but will give my thoughts about the trip.
First this is an outstanding trip, and I wish to thank Greg Downing for having organized it and led it. This is the third trip I have taken with Greg and they are all have been excellent. Greg has set up this workshop for next year and the information is available at In fact if you sign up by November 1 you can get a $200 discount on the trip.
Our Group and new friends.untitled MSB_1223 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S

The location is on the Cook Inlet at Lake Clark National Park and you stay at Silver Salmon Creek Lodge
untitled MSB_1202 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S
Fish mounts
untitled MSB_1204 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S
Wood stove to help dry cloths and keep you warm
untitled MSB_1206 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S
Communal Living Area

untitled MSB_1209 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S
Bear Statue

untitled MSB_1211 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S
Preparing Meals

untitled MSB_1222 September 04, 2011 NIKON D300S
Guide Rich and me
. The Lodge supplies everything that you need, excellent food with three squares a day, hip boots so you don't not get wet when you are walking through the water, which at times depending on the tide which can be up above your knees. The guides are outstanding also, they understand the bears and no what to do to keep you safe. You are transported to the areas we you will photograph by ATV and you are in a cart behind it with your equipment. Expect long days and they are well worth it.
This is the location where you can get up close and personal with the Coastal Brown Bears, without large numbers of people around and be safe.
Part of the trip is a boat ride out to see the tufted puffins and this of course is weather and sea determined.

The Lodge also has Salmon fishing available. If you want a trip of a lifetime consider Silver Salmon Creek Lodge and Greg Downing NatureScapes photo tours.