Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Horned Grebes, Common Loons and Sunrise

I am back art Gooseberry for the sunrise.  Today there was beautiful color in the clouds before the sun roseCivil DawnJust before the Sun Rose and then the color was still present for a while after the sun rose.SUnrise

On the west side of the Island the waves from Rhode Island Sound (Atlantic Ocean)  were still coming in on the high side and crashing into the breakwater, and this is were the Horned GrebesHorned Grebe riding the Waves and the Common Loons Common Loonwere feeding.  The would ride the waves and dive right into them for food.

I was able to get down onto the beach to photograph them , even as the tide was coming in.Horned GrebeHorned Grebe

Both birds are now in their winter plumages.

When you are scanning the oceans for these birds you have to be patient, since when they dive they travel a long way underwater.