Friday, February 10, 2012

The Gray Ghost

- Northern Harrier ROT_5953 February 09, 2012 NIKON D3SI usually do not write two blogs the same day, however, yesterday was my regular birding day with my friend Doug and we finished off the day at the fields on Walnut Street in Halifax.  This is part Of the Cumberland Fields IBA.  Usually there is a large number of geese feeding on the fields and in the spring.  It is a great location to pick up migrating shorebirds, especially plovers.
There is a small parking area right on Walnut Street where you can view the fields, which is part of a working farm.  When we arrived, there were no keys on the fields, however, there was A Male Northern Harrier "The Gray Ghost" working the field.  Wonderful ice said to myself.  Finally, a chance to obtain a photograph of the male Harrier.  I do have a number of female Harrier photographs, but the only one that I had previously obtained of the male Harrier was out of focus.
The male Harrier work the field did come close to us, I first took pictures from inside the car, utilizing the Puffin Pad on my window.  I then got out my tripod and utilize my camera on the tripod to try to obtain better pictures.  The Harrier seem to be oblivious to us (there was another person photographing there also).  I did obtain some photographs of the Harrier. - Northern Harrier - male ROT_5968 February 09, 2012 NIKON D3SGray Ghost

I had a number of them that were out of focus because my lens and camera stopped tracking the bird.  I believe it was due to my  converter and I am going to first clean the contacts and if that doesn't work, send it in for repairs.