Monday, March 26, 2012

Landscape Workshop

- DSC_4527 March 24, 2012 NIKON D3S
The Group
This past Friday night and Saturday morning,.  I led a landscape workshop for Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary.  There were 5 participants.  On the Friday evening I presented a lecture lecture and led a discussion on landscape photography, tips and techniques, equipment, and filters among the basics.  We also discussed the exposure triangle, depth of field, and focusing on the hyperfocal distance, so that the near objects of fire objects are all in focus.
- DSC_1485 March 24, 2012 NIKON D70
Picture by Sarah
- DSC_1487 March 24, 2012 NIKON D70
Picture by Sarah
- DSC_4464_HDR March 24, 2012 NIKON D3S
My picture
We met out on Gooseberry Neck at 5:45 AM in order to capture the sunrise and landscape on the island.  I only took a small number of photos because I spent my time helping the participants with their settings and framing of their pictures.  It was an interesting sunrise and just prior to the sunrise thing the clouds had this beautiful pinkish purple color to them.
- DSC_4495 March 24, 2012 NIKON D3S
Allens Pond
We then stopped at the field station of the sanctuary in order to consolidate the cars but notice that the sky and sun was given a lovely picture, so we went on top of the garden mound and photographed the scene in front of us.
- DSC_1599 March 24, 2012 NIKON D70-2
Picture by Sarah
- P1210009 March 24, 2012 DMC-FZ150
Picture by Jim
- P1210020 March 24, 2012 DMC-FZ150
Picture by Jim
- DSC_4507 March 24, 2012 NIKON D3S
Taken by me from a low perspective
Next stop was the Old Stone Barn, where we did obtain some other interesting photographs. After we left the Old Stone Find we traveled down to Russell's Mills to photograph the Slocum River.
- DSC_1638-Edit March 24, 2012 NIKON D70
Picture by Sarah
We made a few stops along the road for pictures on the way back to have breakfast at the Bayside Restaurant.  After breakfast a few of the group joined me at the field station to do some post processing of the pictures.  The rest of the group did have other appointments, so they could not join me.
Everybody enjoyed themselves and stated that they learned a lot, and hope that they may be able to join the macro workshop that will be coming up on April 20 and 21st.  The lecture will take place at the field station, and then we will meet in Wareham at Great Woods sanctuary next morning to do the fieldwork.