Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Killdeer Nesting on Town Beach

As Paul and I were leaving the field station At Allens Pond Sanctuary, a gentleman drove in and came up to us to report on a shorebird at the town beach that he had found on a nest.  The reason he found it, was summoned was walking their dog, and the bird moved.  What he had done prior to coming to see us, was to place a warning sign in front of the nest and have his wife watched the nest.  The gentleman did not know which the identification of the bird.  Paul took out his bird guide, and after looking at various pictures found that the bird was a Killdeer.  We drove down to the beach, the location of the nest was just to the right of the sanctuary boundary and observed the nest with its 2 eggs and the female standing guard.  I obtained a few pictures, we remove the sign and left the bird in peace.  The big problem is that the Killdeer is not a protected bird and that it built its nest.  In an area that is will use by the public.  All we can do is hope the hatching is successful.