Friday, May 25, 2012

New Life

On Thursday, we visited a Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, Massachusetts.  What was interesting was the starting of new life, both in the reptile world and in the birding world.
A large female Common Snapping Turtle was on the side of the dike, in full view of everyone laying eggs for the next generation.  We had met a number birder who stated that he had found on another portion of the refuge, another turtle doing the same thing.
Common Snapping TurtleCommon Snapping Turtle
If you look closely at the close-up of the head of the common snapping turtle, you will notice that it is apparently blind on one side.
Common Snapping Turtle
Later on, a red-wing blackbird was gathering food to bring back to the nest, Red-winged BlackbirdRed-winged Blackbird
marsh wrens were singing at the nest,Marsh Wren trying to attract females and in the impoundment, a female Wood Duck was leading a string of over 13 young ducklings.Wood Duck
It is spring, going onto summer and new life is beginning and continuing the Circle of Life.
So go out and enjoy, learn, and appreciate the natural world around us.