Saturday, May 26, 2012

Killdeer Follow-Up

This blog is a follow-up on the Killdeer that is on Westport Town Beach.  The area around its nest has been roped off so that visitors to the beach will not step on the eggs.  Roped off AreaRoped off Area

Friday when I visited the nest, the Killdeer stayed on the nest and watched me, but did not leave it. KilldeerKilldeer I took a few photographs and then photographed the area showing the roped off portion. 

At that point, I noticed two common  terns on the rocks just offshore, so I went down to photograph them.  Their activities will be in the next blog.  Common Tern
After spending around the half-hour photographing the terns, I return to the car, and as I pass the nesting area.  The Killdeer did screech at me and leave its nest for a few minutes, which did give me an opportunity to photograph the eggs in the nest and there are now four eggs in the nest.
Not to keep the Killdeer off its nest I left and she immediately went back to the nest and sat on the eggs.  As I said previously, we need to keep our fingers crossed and hope this batch of eggs hatch. 
More updates later.