Monday, July 2, 2012

Little Blue Heron-Egretta caerulea

The Little Blue Heron is another infrequent visitor to our area.  It is normally found in the southeastern United States, but does show up in this area every year.  In fact, we had a little blue heron fly over us while we at Plymouth Beach during bird-a-thon.Little Blue Heron  Presently, there is a single specimen of the Little Blue Heron being observed at the Daniel Webster Audubon Sanctuary.
An interesting observation about the Little Blue Heron is that the first year immature herons have a different and distinct color morph from the adult.  The juvenile or immature little blue herons are white as opposed to the slate-blue color of the adults.  Shark Valley In the Everglades National Park is a great location for viewing the different color morphs. _MSB8089Shark Valley-big Cypress February 18, 2010 NIKON D300S
The adult Little Blue Heron at Daniel Webster has been in the pannes, in small pond area between the two observation blinds.  The day that I was there I was able to observe and capture photographs of the Little Blue Heron capturing and eating a frog.

The observation blinds was set up to take advantage of the sons location.  From the entrance as you look down toward the small pond, the blind on the right is the morning blind and the blind on the left is the afternoon blind.  The day we were there.  It was cloudy and overcast with no harsh Sun to cast shadows, so therefore we were able to utilize both blinds in the morning for photography.  In each of the blinds at 2 of the Windows there is a screw in place so you can fasten your tripod head to it for an ease in utilizing your camera lens.