Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Rescue

Today's blog was going to be about the Osprey monitoring program at Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary.  However, that will be in the next blog.  Today is about the RESCUE.  What rescue you say?   _D8C8673 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800Well, while we were out monitoring and banding osprey on the East branch of the Westport River, a father and his daughter came up to us in a kayak and told about and osprey chick that they had found the evening before in the grass of the river. 

 _D8C8656 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800

They took the Osprey chick and placed it on a rock on one of the islands in the river and today come back to try to give some food to the Osprey chick.
However, it would not eat.  The Osprey monitors Anna and Pete were not certain what to do about the chick.  We did go and look at the chick and they did determine that there was no food in the crop.  We returned back to land, and contacted Alan, who is in charge of the program, who advised Anna and Pete to collect the chick and place it into one of the nest that had chicks of the same age, but no more than two chicks in the nest.  So, we returned back to the island collected the Osprey chick, banded it, and went to one of the platform nests that only contain one chick of about the same age as our rescue and placed the chick into the nest.  Hopefully, the adults will feed the new chick, as well as their old chick and it will survive.  The chick will be followed up and monitored next week.  Keep your fingers crossed.
 _D8C8875 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800
Anna Rescueing the Osprey
 _D8C8882 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800
Anna Rescueing the Osprey
 _D8C8889 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800
Banding the Osprey
 _D8C8900 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800
Traveling in the boat to the platform
 _D8C8908 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800
Placing the Osprey in the nest
 _D8C8922 July 03, 2012 NIKON D800
New Home