Monday, July 30, 2012

My Diary of My Trip to Costa Rica. Episode Finale

Here is the last 2 days of my trip to Costa Rica, a place that I really did not want to leave.  In the morning, prior to breakfast, I went out and did some more scenics of the area. 
 _D8C6381_HDR July 22, 2012 NIKON D800Cloud Forest _D8C6400_HDR July 22, 2012 NIKON D800
After breakfast, I packed everything away, put all my belongings outside my door.  Since the staff would bring him down to the bus.  I went and paid the bill for my beer and laundry and left a tip for the help.
The trip back to San Jose, was very interesting, after leaving the Lodge, we turn to the right and traveled up this winding road, which was along the side of a mountain.  In some places, there was no guard rail, and in other places.  It was a single strand of Barb wire.  We climb through the cloud forest up to around 7000 feet and cross over the Continental divide and headed down toward San Jose.
We stopped in Zarcero, the hometown of one of our leaders, where there is 100-year-old beautiful church, and a topiary garden in front of it.  Some of the members of the group photographed the church and the garden, however, having done at the previous year I did not take any pictures.  My main goal, was to go to the supermarket and buy some Salsa LizanoLizano700mL, a Costa Rican condiment that I grew to enjoy as a flavoring for my food while in Costa Rica.  I also picked up some Costa Rican Tabasco and hot chili sauce to bring home with me.
After this stop, we continued to the hotel in San Jose, where we relaxed and got ready for our final dinner together.  At the dinner.  We were given when we would be picked up  The next day for our transportation back to the airport.  I was part of the group of lucky ones that was being picked up at 5 AM.
After a great meal and saying goodbye new friends.  It was off to bed for an early rise.
We left the hotel at 5 AM and were at the airport by 5:30 AM and I will was checked in and through customs by 6 AM, and then I had to wait to my flight, which did not leave until 8:40 AM.  The rest of the day went smoothly, although it was a long day and I did not, arrived back home until 11:30 PM.
I am working on a trip back to Costa Rica next year and will be looking for 6 to 9 participants beside myself.  Anybody that may be interested, please contact me via e-mail  Exact dates, costs be decided on when I have commitments and more information.