Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Green Hermit Print

One of the hummingbird sessions, instead of the normal photographing the birds with a nice greenish background.  We tried a different technique, a high key photograph.  At our setups for our "normal" photography.  We were utilizing a ISO of 320 and the f-stop was between 11 and 13.  For this session, we utilized a ISO of 1000 and an f-stop of 5.6.  We utilized a white background and high-speed flash synchronization.
I really like the effect and captured one photograph of a a Green Hermit that I decided to convert to a Japanese-style picture.  I am going to print it on rag paper and offer the prints for sale.

Taking the original print,Green Hermit - female I first cropped the photograph to to a 2 x 3 vertical crop, next I exported the photograph from light room into Photoshop, and added some canvas to the bottom.

Green Hermit - female
In the meantime, I had Googled the words green, hermit, and bee to obtain the correct Japanese symbols.

I adjusted the symbols in Photoshop to the proper dimensions, and in a new layer, moved the symbols into position on the print.  In another layer I drew the rectangle around the symbols for the Green Hermit and turn them rectangle into a red border.  By increasing the campus size by a quarter of an inch and having the fill is red.  I created the border around the whole picture.  Then I added a note other half inch of campus all away around the picture, but utilized white as my fill color.
Green Hermit - female
I will be offering Prints for sale, Printed 0n Red River Aurora Art Natural paper 17x25 Print size is 11x 19.5 inches. Cost unframed delivered in a rolled shipping container $100.00 plus 12.50 shipping and handling
If interested contact me at mborn@photobee1.com