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For all the years that I have been visiting and traveling through Vermont, and passing by the signs on route 4 for the President Calvin Coolidge State Historical Site, I have never visited it.  On this trip to Vermont that I made with the family, it was decided to make this one of our stops.
Vistor Center
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The site is located on route 100 A in the village of Plymouth Notch.  There is a visitors center, which offers tours and information about the site.  Much of the site is unchanged from the early 1920s and is considered the one of the best preserve presidential site in the nation.
Calvin Coolidge was born on July 4, 1872 in a small house that is located at the rear of the general store.  He grew up in the town of Plymouth Notch and live there until he went away to school in Ludlow, Vermont, and then down to college in Massachusetts at Amherst.
He became a lawyer in Northampton, Massachusetts and went on to become governor of Massachusetts, then vice president of the United States, where he succeeded to the presidency on the southern death, the Warren G Harding.  He was visiting the family in Plymouth Notch at that time and took the oath of office, administered by his father, a Notary Public, in the family's parlor by the light of a kerosene lamp.
Coolidge Family Parlor
There are many buildings open to the public at the site, including Cilley General Store, the post office, the restaurant, the church, barns and above the general store, the dance hall, which served as a Summer White House.

You can also visit the Plymouth Cheese Factory, which the president's father started, and enjoy the cheese that is still being made there.
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The president is buried in the family plot in a simple grave.
President Calvin Coolidge's Grave
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