Monday, October 1, 2012

Natural Bridge State Park-Massachusetts

Sunday, I  traveled from the southwestern portion of Massachusetts, up to the Northwestern portion to North Adams to visit The Natural Bridge State Park.  In the Park is the Hudson Brook Chasm, which starts right after the only marble dam in North America.  The dam does create a beautiful waterfall..  This area was a sight of a major marble quarry from 1810 until 1947.  It also has a natural white marble bridge.  The marble from this area was used to construct many buildings in the North Adams area.
A quote from Nathaniel Hawthorne from An American Notebook, 1838 "the cave makes a fresh impression on me every time I visit it...  So deep, so a regular, so gloomily, so stern."
The state in order to improve visibility of the area constructed walkways and fencing around the area, which allows you a closer look at this interesting natural site.
The geology of this area started 550 million years ago, with the formation of soft sedimentary rock known as limestone.  Limestone later was metamorphosis and recrystallized by pressure into marble the melt waters from the Ice Age glaciers sculpt the Hudson Brook chasm and the natural marble bridge.  The Hudson Brook was named for a hunter named Seth Hudson.
Chasm with Stairs

Chasm with stairs removed in Photoshop - To help see what it was in the beginning

Foilage in the Area

Looking Down into the Hudson Brook Chasm

Husdon Brook Chaswm

Old Marble Quarry Wall

Natural Bridge

Plants on the wall of thew Chasm

Marble Dam and Waterfall
The quarrying of the marble stopped after the  marble quarry mill buildings was destroyed by fire in 1947.