Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lightning and the Lightning Bug™

I have always wanted to capture lightning and found that just utilizing a shutter release did not work.  Earlier this year, Hunts Photo had the Lightning Bug™ available on sale and I purchased the unit and the correct cable to connect to my Nikon cameras that utilizes the ten-pin remote terminal.  When you purchase the unit, you have to make sure you order the right cable for your camera system.  The unit utilizes a standard 9 V battery for operation.  The Lightning Bug™ package also comes with a CD that includes a PDF instruction manual.  The manual has all the information that you need to set up the unit and the camera for use, including the settings for daytime or nighttime use.

I'm sorry to say that I have not been in a location that offered me wide vistas with lightning in the distance.  I have taken the unit when I've traveled to Texas in Costa Rica, and even though thunderstorms were forecast, none occurred when I was there so I could not utilize the Lightning Bug™

All of the photographs that I have taken of lightning were from the front porch of my condominium.  Also, the majority of photographs that I obtained were during the day or close to the twilight with only one episode of nighttime lightning.  My grandson, who lives with me and also is a photographer has utilized the Lightning Bug™ at night.

The nicest part of photographing from my front porch is after I set up the camera and Lightning Bug™ and cover the lens and portions of the camera with a rain cover and turn on the unit, I can be nice and dry in my house relaxing and having a drink during the thunderstorm.

Presently, Hunts Photo, again, is having a sale on the Lightning Bug™ and it can be purchased at

The price will increase after the first of the year, but if you order now, you will be able to get the great price.

Here are some examples of photographs that my grandson than I took of Lightning.


Lightning captured with a fish-eye lens

You will capture skies that were lit up by lightning, but the lightning could be outside of the angle of view of your lens


Clouds and Sky Being Lit by Lightning