Saturday, December 29, 2012

Older Interesting Photographs

I have been slowly reviewing pictures that I took earlier in my career and what I have seen is how vastly that I have improved.  I was taking pictures with a high ISO of around 1600 in bright sun and a very high shutter speed.  As I been reprocessing these pictures, I had to removed a lot of noise.  Here is just a selection of some of my older interesting pictures.
Green Heron at Daniel Webster Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary

"Who Is Watching Who" a whale watching trip Out to Stellwagon Bank and they humpback whale right next to the boat

Black-billed Magpie In Rocky Mount National Park

California Condor along the Big Sur

Cook's Chasm on the Oregon coast, where, when the tide comes in the waves, spray through a blowhole

Least Auklet on St. Paul, in the Pribilof's Located in the Bering Sea

Light-footed Clapper Rail, and endangered species located in the Tijuana Estuar y near San Diego, California

Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish

Mute Swan and Cygnet

Whimbril in flight South Beach Chatham Massachusetts