Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hooded Merganser Again

I recently wrote a blog about the Hooded Merganser: http://photobee1.blogspot.com/2012/12/hooded-merganser-lophodytes-cucullatus.html and before traveling to Wareham for the walk, I visited Jenney Pond in Plymouth to observe what waterfowl was present and to do some photography. My son had been there recently and there were Ruddy Ducks present, so I was hoping that I obtain more images of the Ruddy Ducks in winter plumage. Arriving at Jenney Pond and observing, the pond was iced over to under the bridge and the open water was the area where the pond runs down the Town Brook to Plymouth harbor. Waterfowl that were present included mallards, gadwalls, Canada geese, mute swans and the ubiquitous Hooded Merganser.

While I was walking along the shore and observing, I noticed that one male hooded merganser had a large fish in its mouth, probably a large sunfish, which it was trying to eat. I was able to obtain a series of photographs of the hooded merganser trying to swallow the fish. Finally it was able to swallow it. The size of the fish should satisfy the hooded merganser's appetite  for a period of time.