Monday, January 7, 2013

Sunrise in Bad Weather

The weather forecast for Sunday January 6 was for snow showers, so I decided I would get up before sunrise had tried to catch how the land and seascape at Allens Pond would look in bad weather.
Allens Pond Beach Loop in the Snow
Driving was a little slow due to the weather but the roads were not bad. I packed at the beginning of the beach loop and as it became lighter toward sunrise (no there was no sun present) obtained a series of photographs to try to show the mood of the landscape.

The closer we got to the actual time is sunrise, the snow slowly turn to some sleet then stopped. My series of pictures I've try to convey some of the different feelings that I had with the weather, from cold to the drama of the sky.
Allens Pond Beach Loop in the Snow
Rocks, Cobbles, Sean and Sky with Clouds

On the way home, we stopped in the state forest where I obtained some photographs of the marsh and snow and of a little stream running through the woods.
Marsh in B&W

Running Stream and Snow