Friday, January 18, 2013

Leucistic Mallard at Jenney Pond, Plymouth Massachusetts

Original picture unprocessed
It is Thursday, birding day again, and we started out at Jenney pond in Plymouth Massachusetts. There were a number of different species of ducks present but surprisingly no Canada Geese. Also, the hooded mergansers were absent. The most interesting finding was a partially leucistic duck, which was initially swimming with a light brown duck. On observing the duck without binoculars, it appeared almost pure white with a black bill, which made us think that it may be a gadwall. When I imported the pictures into my computer and looked at the pictures closer, the bill was not black but very suggestive of a mallard. Since birds was swimming in closer contact with the mallards rather than with the gadwalls, I believe this is a mallard.
Picture processed, Mallards in appearance

What proved interesting was that the mute swans started chasing the leucistic duck, who flying short distances away from the swans. Finally the duck swam into the reeds and was able to get away from the swans.
Leucistic Mallard being chased by Mute Swan

Leucistic Mallard being chased by Mute Swan

The Leucistic Mallard Escaping
The Leucistic Mallard Hiding into reeds