Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Snow, Ice and Water

Water, Snow and Ice
Tuesday, after I left Plymouth on the way home I stopped at Oliver Mills Park in Middleborough Massachusetts to observe how the area was looking after the snow and freeze that we have had. One of the nicest things of the day, was that the sky was brightly overcast and I did not have to worry about harsh shadows since I was arriving close to midday. There was ice where the waters of the Nemasket River were flowing over the dams, which lent those areas to various photographic interpretations. Here are mine.
Close-up of water drops as the water rushes through a narrow opening. This photograph was obtained by leaning over the railing and utilizing my 70 to 200 lens for the close-up
Black and White processed photograph of water flowing over the dam with snow and ice

Water rushing through ice and snow

Panoramic View
 Video showing the force of the water