Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Visit to Jenney Pond, Plymouth Massachusetts

Front portion of Jenney Pond with open water
Female Ring-necked Duck

Male Ringed Neck Duck
I visited Jenney Pond in Plymouth Massachusetts today because it has been freezing over the past few days and I know when that happens the pond starts to freeze and concentrates the ducks and gulls into a smaller area.
Back portion of Jenney pond with ice

The weather today was overcast with the temperature around 32°F but no wind and the birds were plentiful on the pond. The mallards and swans spent most of their time resting on the ice. Otherwise, the other species were swimming and feeding. I was able to photograph male and female ring-neck ducks, male and female hooded mergansers, male and female gadwalls, a female goldeneye, a male red-breasted merganser and the yearly ever present lesser black-backed gull.
Female Common Goldeneye

Male Gadwall

Male Hooded Merganser

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Female Hooded Merganser and Male Ring-necked Duck

Red-breasted Merganser

Female Gadwall