Saturday, February 2, 2013

"It's Never Too Early"

Father and daughter observing and photographing
I spent the day with my grandson and great-granddaughter and we visited Salisbury Beach State Reservation and Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. The thrill of the day, besides my great-granddaughter playing on the swings at Salisbury Beach was the very cooperative Red-Tailed Hawk that was in a conifer on the side of the road at the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge. What made the day a thrill, is that my great-granddaughter was standing with her father, while he was photographing a hawk, and she was utilizing my binocular's to observe the hawk. She was so fascinated by the hawk that she named it "Capt. Abby" after herself. Abby is five years old and is fascinated with birdwatching and utilizing binoculars. Like any five year old her attention span isn't long but she enjoyed the experience and wants to go out again.

Red-tailed Hawk - "Capt. Abby"