Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ocean Spray (Not the cranberries)

This blog besides showing some wild water is about protecting your gear. The other day We visited Sakonnet Point located in Little Compton Rhode Island, we went there initially to see what sea ducks that were in the area. Today was sunny, temperature right around freezing and we had winds up to 25 kn. There were waves crashing onto the rocks and spraying up over the land plus spray in the air. I decided to use my Tokina 10-17 mm fish-eye to encompass all the activity. I got set up and started taking pictures and despite trying to keep the lens clean I had water spots no matter what I did. In fact, at one point the wave hit so hard that it came up in the spray will hit me and all over the camera. I use a heavy-duty microfiber cloth to pat the water drops off the camera and lens. I then clean the lens, but it it became water spotted almost immediate. After I finished taken the pictures, I again patted the water off the camera and lens and then dried it. As soon as I arrived at home I brought the camera lens inside and utilized PUROSOL sport-Marine flat-panel screen & optical cleaner was recommended by LensRental) to completely remove any traces of salt that remained on the lens and camera. Purosol may be purchased from (See link below).

This is where not only my lens and camera but I also got sprayed