Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rainstorm and Wind

The weather forecast for today was heavy rains and on the South coast, a coastal flood advisory was issued by the National Weather Service around the time of high tide.  I had to drop off some information at the sanctuary, so I plan my visit for around a high tide, so that I could capture what was happening.  When I arrived at the entrance to Gooseberry Neck (still closed off because of the damage from previous storms), I parked and got out of the car and almost was blown over, the wind was blowing at probably 20 to 30 kn/hour.  The spray was coming in off the water and the waves were crashing into the rocks.  I set up my camera and tripod, keeping the tripod, low so it would present less of its profile to the wind.  I started taking pictures and then the rains came heavy the front lens of the camera in no time at all had raindrops and even though I cleaned the lens off, I still obtain some blurry pictures.  I did not stay up long, because of the rain.  I then traveled in the car, further down to the edge of the sanctuary property and photographed the angry sea through the car window.  Even though I ran the windshield wipers I still had raindrops on the car window and therefore on the photograph.

Center of the picture is blurry due to the rain

Fuel through my car window before I turned on the windshield wipers

The beach, the sea, waves viewed through my car window