Sunday, March 10, 2013

Comet PanSTARRS - No

Crashing Waves Illuminated by the Golden Light
We went looking last night for the comet PanSTARRS.  When we got to the beach, there were 2 other people there and were also hoping to see the comet, and to photograph it.  The problem was that there was haze at the horizon, which could have hidden the comet.  Well, we did not see it.  However, I did obtain some nice pictures of the sunset, the stars and milky way after it got dark.

We are going to continue to try this week to see if we can see the comet.  The weather report keeps changing and hopefully we will get some clear skies at sunset so that we can visualize and photograph the comet.
Sunset at Horseneck Beach
Evening sky looking toward the Northwest

Milky Way and Orion over Horseneck Beach