Saturday, March 30, 2013

Vernal Pool Workshop

Fairy Shrimp
Friday night, March 29, Lauren, a naturalist from Allens Pond Massachusetts Audubon Sanctuary held a vernal pool workshop at the Stone Barn Property.  It was attended by a number of families with children of all ages.  Lauren first showed people a bowl containing some fairy shrimp, which are an inhabitant of vernal pools, and then gave a brief lecture on the life of a vernal pool and the animals that it may contain.

Then everybody gathered nets and rubber boots and we walked up the road and into the woods to one of the vernal pools.  There Lauren described what we were looking for and people searched and found wood frog egg masses, spotted salamander egg masses and a wood frog, along with some insect life.  However, no spotted salamanders were found.  The group got to see and touch the egg masses and after everything was finished, all the egg masses and animals were returned to their previous locations in the pool, so they could continue their development.

Wood frog Pair Mating

Feeling what an egg masses feels like

Wood Frog Egg Mass
Looking at fairy shrimp

Group photos by Kyle Bornstein