Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces

I titled today's blog bits and pieces because it's just going to be a variety of photographs from the last couple of days of photography.  Some of the pictures up from the Stone Barn and the rest are from Tamarac Park in Lakeville, Massachusetts.  I always visit Tamarac Park in spring and summer, because there is a great location for photographing damselflies and dragonflies.  The early damselflies are out, so I have to make more time to visit early in the morning so I can capture the odonta before they get warmed up too much and fly away, when you approach them.

House Sparrow with Mouth Full of Caterpillars to Feed the Young

Dew on Grass Seed Head

Damselfly Blur

Eastern Forktail Damselfly – Female

Dandelion Seed Head

Fragile Forktail Damselfly

House Finch