Sunday, May 12, 2013

Crawford Notch

After leaving Diane's Baths, we continued up Route 302 into Crawford Notch.  After crossing a bridge repair in Harts Location, we noticed on the side of the road a beautiful stone chimney.  However, that was all that remained of where ever house was at that location.
Stone Chimney

Stone Chimney

Harts Location, Crawford Notch NH Rest area is at the beginning of the Crawford Notch state Park. The rest area has great views of Mount Washington unless it is clouded in.
Mount Washington
Photographing Mount Washington

As we continued up, we stopped at a pond, opposite the Willey house historic site, where we had lunch and photographed the scenery, including Mount Willey and Mount Webster.  Mount Willey was named after the Samuel Willey family, which was killed and a rock slide in August 1826.
Panorama of Mount Webster
Panorama of the Willey House and Mount Willey

Further up the road there are two beautiful cascades: the Silver Cascade and the Flume Cascade.  There is easy parking in small lots on the side of the road.
Silver Cascade
Flume Cascade

Flume Cascade

After the Cascades you come across  the AMC Highland Center and the renovated Queen and style Victorian-era Crawford Notch Maine Central train depot which the AMC uses as a bookstore in the season.
Crawford Station

Since it was now late in the day, we left the AMC Highland Center and slowly made our way back down toward North Conway.  When we were driving up the road, earlier in the day there was a beautiful red Fox on the side of the road, which will be slow down and pulled over and ran up to the car and my son was able to photograph the Fox with a short lens.  Coming on down, the Fox again was on the side of the road, and we pulled over and it came up to the car along my son to photograph it again, it even allows me to get out of the car, get my camera and lens and photograph it, without running away.  The Fox look well fed and I wonder if it is accustomed to being fed by travelers link is coming up the road.  Now this is not a good idea, because it makes the Fox or any other animal, dependent on humans for their food rather than learning how to hunt or obtain food for themselves.

Down and Glenn, New Hampshire, we found an old railroad snow plow engine and an old boxcar beside an old roundhouse.
Old Snowplow Train Engine

Old Boxcar

Old Boxcar and Roundhouse

Hand Operated Track Switch

That finished off the day, back to the motel for supper and to download pictures.