Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oliver Mill Park

Second blog for the day.  Today I traveled to Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough to observe what is happening with the herring run.  The herring are still running, but not as intense as a few weeks ago.  Today I observed a herring gull jump in, grab a herring, fly off with it and eat it on the fly.
Herring Gull with a Herring

"Good to the very last bite"

I went on the far side of the Park and sat down near the edge of the river, I was hand-holding my Nikon D 800 with my 70-200 mm lens, plus a 1.7 converter, when I noticed coming from my right a pair of ducks flying in from my right.  I was able to focus on them and obtained photographs of a pair of wood ducks in flight.
Wood Duck in Flight

For all at times that I have been to Oliver Mill, I've never looked on the other side of the bridge over the Nemasket River.  So today I decided to walk over and see what was there.  There is a nice slow flowing river with marsh on both sides, and besides Canada Geese, there were a number of Wood Ducks swimming and then flying.  I must keep an eye on this location in the future.
Wood duck Pair

Female Wood Duck Taking off

Male Wood Duck Preparing to Take off

Male Wood Duck in Flight