Monday, May 6, 2013

Wildlife Conservation Stamp is a collaborative effort to promote a new wildlife stamp and funding stream for our National Wildlife Refuges. We are birders, photographers, conservationists, wildlife rehabilitators, scientists, teachers and artists … joined by a common passion and concern for our nation’s wildlife and wild habitats.
We propose the Wildlife Conservation Stamp to provide a consistent source of income for our Refuges, separate but parallel to the current Federal Duck Stamp program. The Wildlife Conservation Stamp would raise fees from the millions of non-consumptive users, wildlife viewers and conservationists — to help ensure a thriving future for our National Wildlife Refuge System and all of its inhabitants.
 My feelings:

Federal National Wildlife Refuges are places not only for the protection and propagation of wildlife, but are utilized by many people for photography, bird watching, walking, and the enjoyment of the great outdoors.  A Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp with money to be utilized for the preservation and propagation of the refuges is an excellent idea, especially in these days of government budgetary shortfalls.  This is how we, anybody who enjoys the outdoors, no matter where they live can help in preserving our natural heritage.  So I encourage people to join this campaign to have a Federal Wildlife Conservation Stamp created.

 So to my readers click on the link above and add your support for the Wildlife Conservation Stamp, and like the group on Facebook