Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kayaking down the Nemasket River at Oliver Mill Park

I visited Oliver Mill Park in Middleborough, Massachusetts, with the intention of making a video of the interactions of our only black wing damselfly, the Ebony Jewelwing.  The other day when I was there, there was at least 20 to 30 Jewelwings flying around over the water.  Well, on my visit this time I only observed two Jewelw
ings flitting about and they would disappear for long periods of time.  While I was waiting, hopefully, for more Jewelwings to appear, a gentleman in a kayak came paddling through under the bridge and came over to me and we were talking, and he was asking into how he could get from where he was pass the dams.  I showed him to the left of where we were standing there was a passage, where only some short falls and rapids.  He thanked me and travel down the the river without any difficulty, and then pulled into shore to take a breather.  Since I was having no action with the damselflies.  I walked down to speak to the gentlemen, introduce myself and found out his name was Bob.  I told him that I should've gone down and photograph them coming down the rapids.  He then replied to me that he be happy to do it again.  I said really and he said sure.  He then walked with us kayak and relaunched the above the rapids and I set up to photograph them coming down.  He came under the little walk bridge, and then was turned sideways, where his kayak was swamped and he ended up in the water.  The water was very deep.  Then he pulled himself out and walked down, but the kayak got caught in the current, and was pools across the river and landed on the other side.  Bob then swam across to the other side, rescued the kayak and swam back with the kayak.  I told him oh sorry I made him get so wet and he replied it was fun and I'm going to try it again cause I can't let the river beat me.  So again, he took the kayak up to the top, relaunched and came down the rapids again, this time without any problem.

Kayak broached

Recovering the kayak

Starting the good run