Thursday, June 27, 2013

Old Images from Costa Rica Reprocessed

Red-eyed Tree Frog
Most of this week I have not been feeling well, so I have not been out taking pictures.  What I have decided to do is to review more of my older pictures and reprocess a number of them, utilizing all of those tools that I have now, plus the knowledge that I have learned since I first took the pictures and processed them.  So here is a sample of the kind of photographs that you can obtain in Costa Rica.  I have traveled to Costa Rica twice with Naturescapes and Foto Verde Tours.

Through the Topiary to the Church

Catarata Del Toro, Highest waterfall in Costa Rica, which falls into the Caldera of the ancient volcano

Caiman in the water looking for prey

Butterfly in a garden

Photograph as a watercolor of an Orapendula and a Toucan



Great Kissadee


Grey-headed Chachalaca

Grey-headed Chachalaca

Rufous-napped Wren bringing a spider to the nest for food

Waterfall in a Garden