Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cooperative Great Blue Heron

Smile you are on candid camera
Sunday morning, we went to the Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge in Concord, Massachusetts to try to see if we could photograph the Sora Rail.  Because of the heavy rains that we had recently the dike path was flooded and the birds have been running around in the water and catching food.  My son was there early in the week and got some great pictures.  Well, no Rails were to be found, however, we had a very cooperative Great Blue Heron.  Unlike down in Florida, where the birds a less skittish, usually locally the Great Blue Heron will take off at the first sign of you approaching.  On the path, we found a cooperative Great Blue Heron that allowed people to approach close to the usual, before it would fly and landed further down the path.  This allowed us to set up for some great pictures of its activities.


Great Blue Heron Preening

Great Blue Heron feeding on a tadpole


Great Blue Heron Lifting Off