Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Church's Field, Rochester, Massachusetts

I continue to explore and find new locations in southeastern Massachusetts and the South coast area, I appreciate information that old and new friends give me.  My friend Linda, who told me about the Rochester Wildlife Management Area, when we met the other day to further explore the the area and got poured upon, she also mentioned another location that also had an old mill.  The location is Church's Field, which is part of the Rochester Land Trust, and consists of 32 acres and runs between Mattapoisett Road down to the Mattapoisett River.  It has many different habitats, including open field, wet meadow, wooded uplands, hardwood swamp and a floodplain.  There is a small parking area on Mattapoisett Road.  You start off walking through the field, then enter the forest and wetlands and you end up at the Mattapoisett River.  At the river, if you turn right and follow the trail you come to the ruins of the old saw mill.  There is many opportunities for photography from landscapes, the old saw mill, and macro photography.  If you visit during mosquito and tick season, don't forget your bug spray.  There is a picnic table in the field and benches near the river way you can relax, meditate and have a snack or a meal.  Remembered don't leave any trash, take it with you and keep the area as natural as possible.

Walk through the woods

Granite boulder covered with lichen and grasses growing in the cracks

There are multiple ferns along the path

The Mattapoisett River

Old saw mill

Old saw mill


Ebony Forktail on a fern