Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Trash at Gooseberry

On Tuesday, we went to Gooseberry Neck, part of Horseneck State Reservation in Westport, Massachusetts to do some bird watching and photography.  Gooseberry is a great place for many outdoor activities including utilizing the beach, fishing, walking, birdwatching, photography and just enjoying the great outdoors.  What really upset me was the amount of trash all over the place, empty plastic water bottles, soda and beer cans, liquor bottles, Dunkin Donuts Coffee Cups, etc.  My question is why if people bring in all these items, they can't take them out with them when they leave or throw it into the garbage can in the parking lot.  I watched one girl sitting down, smoking a cigarette with her coffee cup beside her and when she left the coffee cup was left behind.  A number of County penal systems are using inmates to pick up trash alongside the road, maybe would be good to utilize these inmates to help clean up beaches and other natural areas.