Sunday, July 7, 2013

Red, White & Blue Tidepool Walk

Red White and Blue
On Saturday, July 6 Allens Pond Audubon Sanctuary had a Red, White & Blue Tidepool Walk led by Lauren, the property manager and naturalist.  The date and time selected was to coincide with moon phase and low tide to allow us to get further out into the tidal area.  10 people participated in the walk.  My grandson Kyle took the group photos.  My great-granddaughter, who was 5 1/2 learned all about the different creatures that occur in the tidal area.  And I did macro photography.  My equipment included a Nikon D 800, Tamron 180 mm macro lens, polarizing filter (because I would be photographing sometimes under the water and also cut down on reflections) and a monopod.  It was a bright sunny day with temperatures in the low 80s and a nice sea breeze blowing.  Because it was called a red, white and blue tidepool walk, we was supposed to find something that would have those colors in it.  A blue crab carcass fulfilled the requirement.  Everyone had an enjoyable time.

Lauren explaining what is there in the tidal pool
Participants looking
Asian Shore Crab, arrived in New Jersey in the late 1980s and was first found the Narragansett Bay in 1993
Common Periwinkles
Lauren, explaining what was found to my great-granddaughter
Northern Rock Barnacles

Tracks in the Sand, under the water made by the periwinkles

Incoming waves

Incoming tide and seaweed

Hermit Crab in Periwinkle Shell

Hermit Crab in a Whelk Shell

Rockweed Floating in the Water, with Its Air Bladders

My Great-Granddaughter and Me