Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rochester Wildlife Management Area

One of the people who follows me sent me an email about a location that she photographs at.  It is the Rochester Wildlife Management Area, located in Rochester, Massachusetts.  I decided to check it out, but due to other commitments, the day I chose was Friday, which was the hottest day of the year.  I arrived early, and within an hour, my clothing was completely soaked.  I only managed a brief survey of the area.  It consists of ponds, marshy areas, and wood lands.  There were abundance species of fauna and flora.  My pictures consisted of mainly macro and some landscape shots, just to give people an idea of what is there.

Gate from the parking lot leading into the wildlife management area

Stream just inside the date

The other side of the stream just inside the date

Portion of the ponds

Trails leading to the right and left

Large pond, there were ducks and swans out in the middle
Banded longhorned beetle, it feeds on pollen

Common Pondhawk, female



Skipper butterfly

Environmental view of the Blue Dasher

Virginia Tiger Moth Caterpillar    
 I checked on the website for the Massachusetts wildlife management areas to see if there was a map of the Rochester Wildlife Management Area, however, there is not one posted as yet.  The entrance the parking lot is across the street from 140 Hardly Rd. in Rochester.  I hope to do more extensive survey this coming week.